Our Pastor

Pastor Cesar Grassiotto was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied at Andrews University, where he earned his Masters degree in Ministry (MDiv) and finished his Doctorate of Ministry (DMin) with emphasis on Millennials in Summer of 2023. Pr. Cesar worked as a youth pastor, evangelist missionary in Africa, and pastored churches in both the Texas and Chesapeake conferences for over 10 years. Recently, Pr. Cesar accepted the call to move to the Florida Conference and led as the North Tampa Christian Academy ministries director. His passion is to teach devotional habits to youth and young adults, helping them to explore an awareness of God’s presence, that permeates every single aspect of life.

Pastor Cesar is married to Laura Morena Costa Grassiotto. Laura grew up in Brazil to a family of musicians. She began singing and playing the piano at the age of 4 and took this passion with her to college. It was during her university years she felt God’s calling to start ministry as a singer. Since graduating in music and literature, she’s recorded 3 albums and 2 dvds, performed world wide, wrote a book on her Israel project, and dedicated 10+ years to her music ministry. She also has a passion for teaching music and since relocating to Florida, she resumed her activities as a teacher at the North Tampa Christian Academy. God has blessed Pastor Cesar and Laura Morena with two beautiful children, Olivia and Lorenzo.

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